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Being a church school is central to our Vision and Values. We have strong links with our local church, All Saints in Mears Ashby and enjoy regular visits there for services and curriculum enhancement opportunities. We are very lucky to be served by Revd. Katrina Hutchins, our parish vicar and also a Governor of our school. Revd. Katrina leads worship in school fortnightly and visits regularly to help with events and learning for RE. 

We value the opportunities that we have to develop the spirituality of our school community. We are developing our definition of what spirituality means to us using the 'Windows, Doors and Mirrors' approach. Windows are opportinuties that give us the chance to look out into the world; Mirrors are opportunities to look within ourselves; Doors are opportunities to respond and move on.

On this page you will find our most recent SIAMS report (2016), copies of our RE and Collective Worship Policies and lots of examples of how we flourish together and live life in all it's fullness at Mears Ashby through our faith and community. 

Collective Worship

As a Church School, we hold a daily act of Collective Worship for our pupils which is central to our sense of belonging and shared vision and values. Our worship is Christian in nature and has regard for the ages and aptitudes of our pupils.

Collective Worship provides the opportunity to worship God within the rich tradition of Christian prayer and worship. We aim to foster a sense of fellowship by bringing all members of our school community together each day for times of celebrating, sharing, reflecting, responding and praying in an open and sensitive climate. Individuals are invited to explore and deepen their spirituality and to respond both in their own lives and within the community.

Through Collective Worship we aim to strengthen a sense of belonging and a sharing of values, including Christian, School and British Values. In addition, we aim to stimulate the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils.

Our Acts of Worship contain elements of the following:

  • Consideration of, and response to, the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the Bible.
  • Praise and Prayer to God.
  • Exploration of the symbolism within the Christian faith
  • Respect and tolerance for people of all faiths, races and cultures.
  • Promotion of fundamental British Values.
  • Participation in hymns and songs.
  • Invitations to participate and observe.
  • Ritual and ceremony, stillness and reflection.

Worship is led by staff members with contributions also being made by the children. We benefit from regular Christian visitors who lead our worship, including Reverend Katrina from All Saints’ Church, the CSALT team (Christian School Assembly Link Team) and the CAT team (Christian Assemblies Team). Pupils and staff are involved in planning and evaluating the effectiveness of Worship.

If a parent of a pupil requests that their child be wholly or partly excused from attendance at religious worship at the school, the pupil will be excused until the request is withdrawn.


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