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North Street, Mears Ashby,
Northamptonshire, NN6 0DW

Please make sure you are careful where you park outside the school in order to be considerate and safe for the children, other road users and the villagers


  • Blocking the entrance to Manor Road off North Street.
  • Blocking the entrance to Tinkers Crescent off Earls Barton Road.
  • On the blind bend section of the top corner of North Street.
  • On the narrow section at the bottom of North Street. otherwise large vehicles cannot get past
  • Across peoples drives.
  • Across the drop curb outside the school otherwise there is not a low kerb area to get across.
  • On the zig-zag lines.


These include along Earls Barton Road, along the wider section of North Street directly outside the school (avoiding the dropped curb) and along Glebe Road (there is no pavement along this area to walk back on).

In addition The Griffins Head Pub have kindly offered the use of their car park.  (Please be aware that it is a business and children would need to be supervised in the area at all times.)  We know it is a little walk from there, but it is a lovely way to start the day and gives you have a chance to chat along the way!

If you would like more detailed information about the best places to park a map is available from the school office.