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North Street, Mears Ashby,
Northamptonshire, NN6 0DW

Emergency closure for any reason

In the event of an emergency closure, all parents will be contacted by ParentMail. We will also phone all parents if school closes part way through the school day. Please ensure we have up-to-date contact information for at least three contacts. 

Emergency closure for bad weather including snow

In the event of emergency closure, information will be given out on local radio, we will send a ParentMail message AND we will also put the information on our school website - on the top of our home page.

If we are open on a snowy day and there is snow or ice around the village, the route in from Earls Barton and past Sywell Park is usually the easiest. It is usually best NOT to try and drive along the road at the front of the school as it remains icy for a while. If you park on Earls Barton Road or further down in the village, you will be able to walk in and also turn around the car without needing to drive up or down the hill!

Bring in those wellies if there is snow, and a warm set of clothes, including gloves, and then we will go out on our field - which is fabulous for building snowmen.